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Driveway reseal in the Sale area of Manchester

A tired looking driveway can spoil the appearance of a home, and as first impressions count a faded or dull driveway that’s been affected by the weather or high usage can create a negative impression.

Cleaning and resealing the surface of a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is a quick, easy and affordable way to rejuvenate your driveway.

So, what are the key benefits of cleaning and resealing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway? Well, cleaning it will lift the original colour and sealing it will protect it from oil spill and pollution. The surface will look brand new, and in the long-term cleaning and resealing your driveway will reduce the overall ongoing maintenance.

Take for example a recent driveway reseal in the Sale area of Manchester. This job involved resealing the driveway across the front of the house and patio at the back of the house as well as a pattern imprinted concrete path leading through the garden. The first part of the process was to jet wash the driveway and patio etc with a mild acid wash which kills any algae and removes stubborn stains. At Driveway Resealing we have all the leading equipment in the industry and use the very best products to ensure the best results.

The second part of the process was to reseal the driveway and patio etc. On this particular project we used a high gloss seal with anti-slip agent. The sealers that we use are manufactured to quality assured standards and are widely used by the professionals on imprinted concrete driveways guaranteeing you a great finish. You can see the beautiful results of resealing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio in Sale from the photographs included.

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