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I left my driveway a bit too long to get a reseal but now it looks great. All the dead seal was removed after jet washing then sealed in a mid sheen. Looks great

Darren Maculey
Timperly Altrincham

AAAA* driveway reseal and maintenance. Keeps me up to date when it’s due and carries out the work at a reasonable price.

Helen Stott
Wilmslow Cheshire

My platinum driveway needed reviving as I cut a lot of wood on it for my wood burner. Could not believe the difference the new seal made. Also a couple of minor blemishes caused by tools for the wood cutting are now no longer visible. It’s like a full service but on a driveway. Thanks guys

Colin Carrol
Northenden Manchester

The reseal team were great and kept in regular contact before starting the job in order to fit around my work. Didn’t realise how much my driveway needed the reseal. It looks brand new now, the colour and finish is perfect. Like it was from day 1.

Mr Micheal Lee

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