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Why Reseal your Pattern Imprinted Driveway

While nothing in life is totally maintenance free, as far as paving goes, pattern imprinted concrete is as close as it gets. The colour hardeners massively reduce the effects of wear through usage, and the acrylic lacquer does not allow the growth of moss or algae and it also prevents dirt and stains accumulating and becoming ingrained in the surface. All of this means your maintenance costs will be kept to a minimum.

So why does my driveway need to be re-sealed? The answer is simple, any driveway is susceptible to wear and tear and the effects of weather. Regular sealing can stop unwanted plant growth. Pattern imprinted concrete suffers a lot less from plant growth than other types of ground coverage like paving, as there are no natural joints. However, there is still the possibility of this as moss can grow into pores, and other plants can exploit weak points, which may lead to cracks. Similarly, substances that are likely to be found near to and on your driveway such as oil, chemical de-icers and cleaners, and grit/salt can cause the deterioration of your pattern imprinted driveway. Resealing regularly will avoid all of this.

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