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Driveway Reseal and Patio in Wilmslow

Many would agree that there is no such thing as a cheap driveway, if you get a professional to do it. It is one of the costliest additions to any home, but it has the practical benefit of creating off road parking, which if you live in a city or suburb, can be essential. A new driveway can also improve the appearance of the outside of your house, adding value to your property.

Pattern imprinted concrete is a great option for a driveway and is low maintenance, but it is important that the surface is resealed regularly to ensure it is kept in great condition. Having a regular driveway reseal will prolong its lifespan, costing you less in the long term.

If you have invested in a new driveway, you will want to keep it looking nice. Having a driveway reseal will restore the original colour which can fade over time and also gives the surface a glossy finish. The driveway will also have a protective layer making it harder to damage. Spillages such as oil are easier to wipe away too, and the sealant protects it from oil staining.

Driveway Resealing & Maintenance recently completed a driveway resealing in Wilmslow which also included a path to the side of the house and patio at the back. The client had previously chosen to have the pattern in grand Ashlar and for the colour, classic grey but the colour had lost its sharpness and was looking a little tired.

Before carrying out the driveway reseal, we made sure that the whole area was completely clear of leaves, mud and dirt. We were then able to jet wash it, using a mild acid treatment. We left it to dry and then touched up any minor blemishes. Finally, the driveway was sealed with a mid-sheen which has an anti-slip agent in it, so while it might look slippery, it’s actually not, and is safe to walk on.

You can see the transformation that took place from the before and after photos. The depth and quality of the colour and appearance of the driveway was revitalised, and it looked brand new! As a result of the driveway resealing in Wilmslow, the driveway is now protected from salt that can be carried off the roads by the tyres onto the driveway.

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