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Reseal Driveway – Chorlton

If there was ever any doubt that having your driveway resealed isn’t necessary or essential, check out the photographs below of a driveway that was recently resealed by Driveway Resealing.

The customer lived in the Chorlton area of Manchester and the driveway was Tudor Brown in Walkway Slate. With the seal the original colour was enriched and the shine restored. All seals have an anti-slip system, so while the shine on the driveway may suggest that the surface is slippery, in actual fact there is plenty of traction underfoot.

Cleaning and resealing imprinted concrete is essential to not only restore the appearance of the driveway to when it was first installed but also to ensure its longevity and keep it looking great for longer.

It’s recommended that a stamped concrete driveway is sealed at least every 2-3 years. If you begin to see the colour start to lose its intensity, then it’s probably time to have it re-sealed.

For advice and information about when to reseal your driveway in Chorlton, give us a ring on or email us on info@drivewayresealing.co.uk

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