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Patio in Holmes Chapel restored to its original appearance after resealing!

Resealing your patio in Holmes Chapel is a great way to extend the life of your pattern imprinted concrete patio. While a pattern imprinted concrete patio needs very little maintenance, it does need to be resealed every 2-3 years to ensure its longevity. Resealing it protects it for a few further years from the unpredictable weather conditions we have in the UK, it also makes it more robust against wear and tear caused by footfall.

Drivewayresealing.co.uk recently resealed a patio in Holmes Chapel. The area was to the back of the house and provided a great outdoor living space providing a seamless link from the conservatory to the garden. Our clients had previously chosen to have pattern imprinted concrete. This was in need of a clean and reseal to restore it to its original appearance. You can see from one of the photographs that the sealant had started to wear thin and so the patio had faded in colour, looking both dirty and dull.

We started the process by washing the surface with a mild acid and algae wash. On pattern imprinted concrete we use a diluted acid which is safe. This helps to remove algae or Lichen which normal pressure washing could not achieve. This can be applied without causing damage to the pattern imprinted concrete patio.

Once the surface was clean and any stains removed and algae treated, we then covered the whole area with a sealant with an anti-slip system in it. You can see the transformation that this made to the patio from the photographs. It enriched the existing colour giving it more depth and vibrance. The sealant also protects the pattern imprinted concrete, stopping it from discolouring or cracking. The great thing is when resealing your patio in Holmes Chapel, you can walk on it again after 24 hours, so it means minimum disruption to you and your family.

If you are thinking of resealing your patio in Holmes Chapel, ring Drivewayresealing.co.uk.

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