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Reseal Driveway – Urmston

Is your pattern imprinted driveway looking a little tired and weather worn?

At Driveway Resealing we are experts in the maintenance and resealing of pattern imprinted concrete driveways, paving and patios.

The first indications that your driveway may need a reseal are when it’s lost its shine and the surface appears dull. Similarly, the original colour may have faded and looks paler. However, if a driveway is resealed every 2-3 years its appearance is maintained, and the upkeep is made so much easier.

Why reseal your driveway? Imprinted concrete sealer works to reduce the wear of your concrete. It stops water entering the surface and stops the loss of the colour on the imprinted concrete surface by wearing away the concrete sealer and not the colour.

Take for example a recent project in Urmston, Manchester. The slate green driveway across the front of the house was resealed within 2 years of being installed. As a result, there were only minor repairs to carry out and no pigment was needed in the seal in order to restore the colour.

For advice and information and when to reseal your driveway in Urmston and how often give us a ring on 0161 425 9706 or email us on info@drivewayresealing.co.uk

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