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Resealing Driveway – Heald Green, Stockport

Reseal Driveways was recently asked to reseal a driveway in the Heald Green area of Stockport.

The driveway was champagne pink in Ashlar. The colour had faded, and the surface had lost its shine. As a result, the pattern in the concrete was not as obvious.

Reseal Driveways cleaned the surface of the driveway and then applied the appropriate sealant. Applying a good sealer can help to rejuvenate a tired looking driveway and will ensure that it looks good for longer as well as protecting the surface from further weathering and water exposure as well as from grease and oil etc!

You can see the transformation of the driveway after it had been resealed in the “before” and “after” photographs. The results were amazing as the driveway was restored to its original appearance when it was first installed. The seal made the champagne pink colour so much more vibrant and gave the release colour more depth.

Let Reseal Driveways take the hassle out of resealing your driveway. We will use our expertise and experience to choose the right sealer for your driveway to ensure it is compatible with the decorative surface as well as use the right amount.

For a professional driveway reseal in Heald Green, Stockport contact Reseal Driveways on 0161 425 9706

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