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Recent Driveway Reseal in Urmston Completed

While pattern imprinted concrete is hardwearing and long lasting, like anything it will over time succumb to the elements and wear and tear. Tell tale signs such as the driveway discolouring and fading are indicators that a driveway reseal in Urmston is needed.

Cleaning the pattern imprinted concrete and then resealing it will restore it back to its original appearance when it was first laid. It recreates the original depth of colour and definition in the pattern and reduces the risk of it cracking. It also adds a protective layer that will ensure its durability and longevity.

Driveway Resealing & Maintenance recently completed a driveway reseal in Urmston. As you can see from the photographs, it covered quite a large area to the front and side of the property.

As part of the process of resealing driveways, it is important to acid wash the surface. This is so that surface dirt etc can be removed and it opens the pores before resealing. This will help the sealer to penetrate better into the concrete and create a stronger bond between the sealer and the surface. We did a full acid wash on this driveway.

The next part of resealing driveways is to add the seal. In this instance we added only a slight tint to restore the colour, as it was in good condition. We then covered the driveway with a final coat of sealant in a mid-sheen finish. Both coats had an anti-slip added to the seal. While the shine on the pattern imprinted concrete may look slippery with the anti-slip it makes it perfectly safe to walk and drive on. You can see the transformation of the driveway reseal in Urmston from the photographs.

How Can I find Out More About Resealing Driveways?

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